Bring Superior Quality To Your Home

With Milestones, you’ll receive personalized service. We give you the time needed to make your selection, so that your kitchen or bathroom corresponds perfectly to your tastes. We work with many suppliers, which allows us to negotiate excellent prices for our customers and offer them a large selection of top quality materials. We can also provide you with sinks and faucets to complete your installations. Our showroom is accessible, so you can see our products.

We offer kitchen counters and vanities in granite, marble and quartz. Regardless of colour or texture, these materials are distinguished and pure, with an unparalleled charm. This makes for first choice solutions for those who dream of having a kitchen or bathroom with a pure, simple and modern design. For their aesthetics, quartz, granite and marble offer numerous practical advantages: heat resistance, durability, longevity, etc. Although of composite origin, terrazzo offers the same advantages and creates highly aesthetic furnishings.